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    I just got a replacement BB and have set it up just like all my other BB's and inserted my media card. I only have 1 ring tone saved to my phone right now and I have been successful setting it as a ring tone, however when I try to browse for it to set it as the ringer for my alarm clock I cannot locate it. When I select the browse option it only shows 2 folders "Music" and "Preloaded Ring Tones" my ring tone are in neither folder when I try to open them. However, when I go to the media icon my ring tone is in the "Music" folder listed under "All Songs".

    Also, when I received the ring tone it didn't come in as an MMS text and I also received picture mail that didn't come in as MMS text. I'm not sure if this has anything to do with the above problem.

    I hope someone knows what I'm talking about and that there's a simple solution behind my problem. If you need any more info just let me know.

    Thanks ahead of time for any and all help!!
    05-23-10 01:00 PM