1. jodie360's Avatar
    i am on o2 pay as you go, and cant get internet or picture messaging. i have sent for settings but it just doesnt workk
    anyone knoww? thanks
    06-01-10 12:41 PM
  2. DarkestBerry's Avatar
    Sounds like you don't have a plan
    Check bb.anworm.com to know how to use BIS without plan.

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    06-01-10 01:15 PM
  3. Insert-Name's Avatar
    O2 pay and go don't support BlackBerry services, and therefore MMS is out of the question too.

    06-01-10 02:39 PM
  4. Pete6's Avatar
    Ain't never gonna work, no way. You need a BIS plan.

    You can get this from O2 using Simplicity Tariffs - O2 Pay monthly tariffs. Simplicity is a month by month plan. You can change it or cancel it after 30 day - any month.

    I have the 600 plan and it costs me 19.50 month and I have full BlackBerry email and internet.

    If you want full BlackBerry email and internet. You HAVE to have a BlackBerry BIS plan.
    06-01-10 02:48 PM
  5. DarkestBerry's Avatar
    i used the service books from the site i posted about and i have internet now and email setup with shangmail even thou i'm in a country that doesn't support BB.
    06-01-10 03:46 PM
  6. jodie360's Avatar
    but that simplicity thing doesnt say anything about internet? surley i have to get one with unliminted internet?
    06-01-10 04:11 PM
  7. jodie360's Avatar
    ok i found the simplicity for blackberrys, the 600 mins unlimited texts and unlimited internet ect is 15 a month, is that the right one?
    06-01-10 04:29 PM