1. jimmywayne's Avatar
    I can't get bluetooth to enable! I have a 8320 and I can't get it to enable bluetooth. I've tried it with my motorola 850 and my gtop gps puck. I've tried to enable it thru tool menu, bluetooth set up and connection manager still no luck. It's worked for about a year and just recently quit working any help would be appreciated Thanks Jimmy
    08-06-09 07:14 PM
  2. jwomack's Avatar
    Click on menu, go to the bluetooth icon, and open it, then it will pop up and ask u to search for a bew device! Just click the back key and then hit the menu key! And highlight and click the trackball down on enable bluetooth! Then u should bee good to pair ur devices!

    I also have a 8320 and that's the only way I can do it no matter what os I'm running!!!

    Good luck!

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    08-06-09 07:24 PM