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    I have looked through other answers for similar questions but none are what is happening with me. A lot of people suggest battery pulls but that will not work so please don't suggest it again I have tried and I have tried non battery pull reboot as well.
    I had a theme that was already on my phone and that I was using so I know it is compatible with my phone, my phone was fully upgraded when the theme was on so it is not that I upgraded and it is no longer compatible eiter.

    It all started when I was having trouble with my media player, when I tried watching a video on my phone I got an error message that said it could not play while the "Alert is active" I have no clue what that means but I searched up how to fix it and it worked but when I watched one video then clicked the other one the message came back so I did a battery pull.
    When it reloaded, the theme that I had was gone and it was back to the default one. When I looked into my themes folder all my themes were gone except the default one. Then I looked in option> applications... and I can see the rest of the themes there so they are all in my phone. From that point I tried deleting it and redownloading it and that didn't work. So I tried downloading a different theme altogether and I can't find that either.

    Your help is greatly appreciated, even more so if the problem gets fixed. Thank you in advance!
    06-30-10 01:14 AM