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    OK - I am new to BB. I can email to any of my contacts but I can not email to work. the address is correct. I have even sent an email from work to my msn email acct and was able to receive it. when I reply back, I get an red X. I called BB and they suggested removing everything and reinstalling. I didnt want to do it but finally caved in. It worked twice and not it doesnt. Any thoughts? Again I cant email at all to anyone at work. My husband has a BB and can send me a email.

    Also is there a way to change on my email sent from bb - I thought there was a way.

    Tx in advance
    03-06-09 10:56 AM
  2. BeanieBeanie's Avatar
    I have this issue as well. But the answer is most likely that your IT department at work has set up a 'spam filter' on all incoming emails.
    I am guessing that when you email work, you are using a hotmail or gmail account? My email at work will block both of these.
    When your husband is mailing from his work, I imagine it is not a gmail account? If so, I am going to imagine that is the difference.

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    03-06-09 01:05 PM