1. karlhope21's Avatar
    hi, so here is my problem!!
    my friend had the phone on contract with vodafone. I have bought the phone off him and now have a vodafone pay as you go sim card inserted, i cant connect to the internet..
    im new to this phone and with so many options i am very confused, any help would be brilliant.. thanks
    06-21-10 09:13 AM
  2. rcnathan's Avatar
    You need to call vadafone and make sure that the phone is setup on their network. Blackberrys are different than other smartphones because almost all of their settings (and stuff) is pushed via the network. Such as your email accounts are pushed via servers to your device. Its weird and complicated, but call vodafone and make sure that the phone has been fully switched from your friends account to his.

    Double check that the PIN number has been swapped between accounts.

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    06-21-10 09:44 AM