1. chikorita453's Avatar
    I have forgotten my password to my blackberry curve 9320, and are on the 10th try of the password and i don't want to lose my data. I read something online that if you registered your blackberry with blackberry id that you could get into the locked phone.

    So I found my blackberry id account and managed to sign into it, however there's not a lot of information when i got on the site.

    Is there anyway I can get into my locked phone by using blackberry id? As this technically proves that since I can sign in to blackberry id that the phone belongs to me.
    05-03-20 06:48 PM
  2. Dunt Dunt Dunt's Avatar
    I don't remember a "change device password" option in the BBID website for older BlackBerries... but I could be wrong. Did you look around once you were able to log onto the site?

    It was an option for BB10 devices.... just not sure about older devices.

    Of course it would need to be connected to a network of some type...
    05-04-20 04:06 PM
  3. phelmick's Avatar
    I just had a similar issue yesterday with my 9360 running OS 7.1. I think it depends on your device's ability to connect to the Internet. If by good fortune you have an active SIM card inserted, and have tried the 'forgot password' option, and the phone says something other than 'you are not connected to the Internet', then you can use another device, such as a desktop or laptop or an Android phone, if also by good fortune you have access to the email account under which the BlackBerry ID was created, and reset the password. Then try entering the new password using your final attempt to sign in on your 9320. That's a long shot, but for me personally, my main concern was not losing my apps, and fortunately a reset will not erase the apps. Personal data will be erased in a reset.
    05-30-20 12:15 PM

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