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    Ok, so I just got a blackberry curve for nextel on ebay. I am on a family share plan but I had text messaging with my old phone (I880 screen flipped upside down). I dont really care about the internet or all the blackberry features. Is there any way to send and recieve text messages without a data plan? I also have a boost mobile starter kit. If there is no way to do it with nextel can i go with the $50 unlimited talk text and web and bypass the blackberry plan they offer for $60? thanks in advance
    06-20-10 11:00 PM
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    I'm pretty sure you need data in order to text with the bb on nextel but I'm not for certain. You can convert the phone to work with boost with the 50 dollar unlimited plan. There is how to instructions at the top of this forum.
    Sticky: How to make the 8350i work with Boost Mobile Tutorial-Revised.
    Check that out it should tell you most everything you need to know

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    06-20-10 11:38 PM