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    I'm new to Blackberry. After using Palm for years, I finally switched - but didn't want to re-up my contract with Centennial Wireless. SO, I bought an unlocked AT&T 8320 and inserted my sim card - I'm month to month post-contract, and all is behaving well.

    When I insert my battery and start my phone up, it correctly displays "Centennial" on the home screen. However, if I power down (which I do at night), when I restart the phone, it then displays "310-30" - not "Centennial". Only if I pull the battery then restart again does it say "Centennial".

    I've read other threads about this, all of which were saying basically not to worry about it - which I'm not... just wondering if I can change it. If I go into Options, then Mobile Network, then take a look at the Preferred Network List (from the apps button), it shows my current network with the codes 310/30 - but shows "*Name Unknown". I suspect that this is why if I power down then power back up, it shows only the codes; not the name. Inasmuch, my question is... is there a way that I can rename that listing somewhere?... to make it say "Centennial" when it sees 310-30...? Thanks!
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    Not as far as I know.

    The network name is pulled from the network. The different names may be a result of you pinging different towers, where the service provider uses both towers under both names. Are you sure that 310-30 is the same as Centennial?
    08-17-09 10:29 PM
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    No you cannot change it. Its controlled by the tower you are on and the sim card's programming.

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    @Huckduck-- Yes... pretty sure that 310-30 is Centennial. When I do a battery pull and restart, if I go into Options/Mobile Network/Preferred Network List, it does show Centennial. If I 'Edit' there, it does show 310-30. However, a regular restart after power down with no battery pull only shows the 310-30 - and "*Name Unknown".

    @Jackbox-- I suspected as much. However, I'm wondering... in other threads that have mentioned this 310-30 code (and Centennial), while no one else had asked if they could change the name, several others seemed to indicate that this started happening after a Blackberry OS update (but I don't recall which version) - would that make sense?... and that perhaps another update later may resolve it?

    Thanks for your responses!
    08-18-09 08:41 AM
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    It's possible the OS is screwing it up. A future update might solve the problem if that is the case. The tower sends out the carrier code, carrier name, tower id and tower location. Some sims are programmed to change the names due to buyouts over the years. For example, for a long time in Nevada and California T-Mobile was using Cingular's towers. If a phone was an older phone or had an older sim people saw Cingular on their phone even though they were on T-Mobile's home network. In exchange Cingular used T-Mobile's towers in New Jersey. Newer sims and phones were programmed to display "T-Mobile" even though the phone was operating on Cingular's towers. Now with AT&T buying out Cingular, the Cingular towers in question were sold to T-Mobile and AT&T no longer needed T-Mobile's towers on the East Coast.
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    Thanks, jackbox - that does make sense. In my case Centennial IS an AT&T company - AT&T bought them about a year ago. Don't know if they'll change the name or not, but whole thing is supposed to be formal sometime soon here.

    In any case, I was told (by my Centennial sales person, who's also a friend of mine) that an unlocked AT&T or Tmobile phone would would fine on Centennial - and that's exactly what I found. My wife wanted a different phone - a Pantech Slate - and I got her an unlocked AT&T model of that. Hers works fine, and always reports "Centennial". As for myself, I did go thru a couple of unlocked Tmobile Blackberry's (that had some problems) before getting my current AT&T model. Odd thing that I noticed in hindsight was that one of those Tmobile models DID display "Centennial" upon rebooting - but seems to me that it stopped doing so after an OS update. That, plus the fact that my wife's phone consistently grabs it correctly does lead me to believe that it's an OS issue. (fwiw, I'm currently using v4.5.0.110)

    Is there a way to report specific things like this to Blackberry, in hopes of getting them fixed with a future release?
    08-18-09 11:00 AM
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    update to .162?
    08-23-09 01:08 PM
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    How would I do that? I checked for updates via the Desktop Manager and it shows none available...
    08-24-09 07:37 AM
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    Check the stickied threads on this forum and follow the directions to install .162
    08-24-09 09:27 AM