1. rickywonder's Avatar
    Iv purchased a 8900 curve second hand. only for a few quid as the woman said it would no longer charge. but when i took the battery out, strangely the gold ibbon type thing that runs under the battery is cut in half and scratched. What does this do and can it be replaced.
    09-16-09 12:22 PM
  2. vdubguy2k's Avatar
    Are you talking on the battery itself? If so, those are the contacts for the battery...if it's cut or whatever just get a new battery. That would be the best solution to get the 8900 up and running.

    If you are talking about on the phone, I'm not too sure because I don't see any "gold ribbon type thing" on it, just the 4 gold pin contacts for the battery.
    09-16-09 12:27 PM
  3. rickywonder's Avatar
    Thanks for the reply
    when i took the battery out. there is a black sticker(underneath the sticker it is gold) it runs from the camera/led area underneath where the battery sits and runs underneath the pins for the battery. Just Wondered what this was for and if it can be replaced.
    09-16-09 12:51 PM
  4. ClintRo's Avatar
    Can you take a picture?
    09-16-09 01:02 PM
  5. rickywonder's Avatar
    this is a pic. if its uploaded right

    09-16-09 01:20 PM
  6. chynnamann's Avatar
    Sounds like this phone went thru a lot. Sounds like a flex cable ribbon in which case yes you can replace it. I hear they're about $20 to $40 bucks.
    09-16-09 01:22 PM
  7. rickywonder's Avatar

    ill have a look see if i can find one from sumwhere. glad its a fixable problem.

    Thanks again
    09-16-09 01:25 PM
  8. chynnamann's Avatar
    So my question is... she says it doesn't charge. Does it turn on?
    09-16-09 01:30 PM