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    Everytime I try to take a picture....I can't. I press the side button and all I see is blackness, when I try and exit the camera mode, my phone freezes and stays like that until I do a battery pull! I manually went in to see my pictures and deleted some of them thinking maybe it was full from too many pics, but this didn't help either. Before I send the phone back for a replacement, what can I do? Any suggestions??

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    08-03-09 09:49 PM
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    move your finger from in front of the lens........

    jk. what OS are you running? hit alt + right shift + h at the same time. its called the App Version. if its the OEM tmobile OS, try upgrading to a higher version such as and see if it corrects the issue. please search the forums for proper upgrade procedures and the location to download the OS.
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