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    Hi, friend has BB 8900 bought used.

    Since they got it (OS 4.6) and up to now (OS 5) the (distance) focus has been way, way off leaving it taking very blurry pics.

    All pic options are set to max quality, lens has been cleaned, auto-focus both active and disabled have been tried.

    No outward evidence of dropage.

    Close-up (almost macro) pics are pretty decent.

    Wondering if there are any e-screen settings known, that relate to AF (auto-focus), that can be toyed with?

    If camera surgery is instead called for has anyone seen/known of outcomes for this? It's likely impossible that one would see what need to be fixed, right?

    Can camera repair-parts be expected to remedy this?

    Prefer not to open 'er up for fear of patient dying on the table.

    FWIW: AF (auto-focus) seems to try with some effect: on-screen one can see the focus improve (to pretty good) but then AF backs off, then locks on a blurry image (the white 'focus box' turns green).

    TIA for any assistance!
    06-20-10 01:12 PM