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    If this question has already been broached & answered I apologize in advance.

    Is their an option that allows you to time stamp & date a picture taken with the BB camera? Ie when picture is viewed you can see the date & time it was taken


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    06-29-09 03:10 PM
  2. JoeyMoose's Avatar
    hit the BB button and select view properties.
    06-29-09 03:12 PM
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    hit the BB button and select view properties.
    Am I doing that when the camera is operational? also I wasn't to clear but I want the picture itself to have the date & time on it.
    06-29-09 03:16 PM
  4. KasiCatastrophe's Avatar
    There is no way to do that, (that I know of.) There may be an app for it, but I've never seen one.

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    06-29-09 03:51 PM
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    Thanks for the replies, I just thought I'd ask. It would be neat if you could.
    06-29-09 05:11 PM