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    I just installed CallsBlocker on my GF's Curve 8330... even though I read that it's a native Storm app (I have the Storm) it's supposed to work on the Curve as well and it seems to be functioning... it installed okay and I set all permissions to allow and rebooted the device.

    So we have a coupla questions...

    When a number is blocked, does the caller still get to leave a message or is he blocked entirely from all contact with you?

    In other words we were wondering if on the caller's end it just rings and rings or does it go instantly into voicemail. Or maybe a third possibility, they get a message saying their call is being blocked by her phone?

    She's been getting calls from an unwanted caller and we were successfully able to enter in the two phone numbers that this guy has been calling from. He called twice last night.

    Pretty cool app. I just went to her call log and from there I was able to add the two numbers to the list of blocked numbers. Any new news you can share with us about CallsBlocker is greatly appreciated.
    08-01-09 01:42 PM
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    have her block your number then try to leave a message. I also use it on my phone to and I haven't gotten any messages so I can only assume they are not allowed to but since they don't call me I never bothered to test out that other theory.

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    08-01-09 03:28 PM
  3. motrv8d's Avatar
    well we found out that it just makes the phone silent when they call. They can still leave a message.
    08-01-09 08:48 PM
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    I use iCall Manager Lite, its a great app. Has some good features. Check out the Crackberry Store for it, or Google it and check out the features.

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    08-01-09 09:28 PM
  5. motrv8d's Avatar
    That is a pretty cool app.
    Thanks for the suggestion!

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    08-02-09 11:05 AM
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    buzzoff is really good as well, has two major features, you can just block the call and just send them directly to voicemail or there is another feature that "picks up" and "hangs up" right away so that person cant even leave a message, really awesome app. $2.99 is a bargin for that kind of peace of mind. oh and a little tip, if you route the calls through google voice and block the number it still blocks, no need to set up another filter.
    08-02-09 11:15 AM
  7. motrv8d's Avatar
    I love that name buzzoff! Sounds British.
    So what's involved with routing a call thru Google?

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    08-02-09 01:33 PM