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    Hi there,

    Well, since today in the morning my BB 8520 is working bad. I could not understand why

    First of all, i tried to make some calls early in the morning, the strange thing is, when i call someone, i can hear the BB calling (bip bip bip), when my correspondent pick up the phone and say something i talk but i can not hear my correspondent, after few seconds i have a message like "call failed".

    After that, more strange things happened. With another correspondent, i hear my BB calling (bip bip bip), and the countdown of the call start but i could not hear anything....

    So, i tried to call myself in a second phone. I received the call in my second mobile phone (nokia), i pick up, i say "allo allo" but i could not hear my voice in my BB.

    Another strange thing, i call myself in the same second mobile phone another time, and the countdown of the BB starts but i never received the call in my nokia....

    So, help will be great. I really don't understand what's going wrong.

    Thanks so much

    Oh yeah, i had a lot of "call failed" messages in most of this examples....
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    06-18-10 02:50 PM
  2. anon(140126)'s Avatar
    Try a battery pull. Or, it could be an OS problem. Try contacting your carrier, they'll be able to help you about this kind of problem.
    06-18-10 03:04 PM
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    see if resending your service books helps
    06-18-10 03:09 PM
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    I tried removing my sim card and my battery but the problem is still here. My provider said that it'll took 4 to 8 weeks to repair if i send back, it's always under warranty.

    This problem is really annoying.
    06-18-10 03:18 PM