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    I have been without a berry for a berry long time. Soon, me (and maybe the wife) will be getting into blackberries again. The carrier we are probably going with (Virgin Mobile Canada) sadly only has 3 models to choose from.

    8130 pearl
    8230 flip
    8330 curve

    I've been on the forums for about a year. Learned lots, read TONS, and helped some people out where I can. So now I'm looking for some help of my own!

    I have pretty much narrowed it down to a choice between the flip and the curve. Here's how I see it: (off the top of my head...sorry if I jump around)

    Curve has slightly bigger screen, in landscape. 96mb memory. QWERTY. OS 5.0 available
    Flip has slightly smaller screen in portrait, 128mb memory. OS 4.6 and 5.0 could be a while.

    I have already owned a pearl (8130) so learning suretype is not an issue. I kinda liked it. I like the bigger buttons of the flip as opposed to the smaller (QWERTY) buttons of the curve. However the curve does have the nicer screen. I jumped from a dumbphone to the pearl, and have never used a QWERTY phone of any kind (smart, or just quick messaging dumbphone).

    Primarily I'll use the device for 1) messaging 2)browsing 3)phone - in that order - along with the wonderful organizational tools that are a part of Blackberry. I will probably have a few apps (5 at most, unless I really find some I like) and a couple themes.

    I have NOT had a significant amount of "hands-on" time with either device. And one last thought - replacing the trackball (which will happen sooner or later) is much easier on the curve.

    So now my question is, based on this - what do you think the best choice would be. Personally I'm kinda leaning toward the flip (better memory, kinda like the flip factor, newer device) over the curve but have not nearly made a decision yet. Any problems with the devices, or cool things that the other one doesn't have? (and please... post specifically about the models I've listed. I know that the 8220 seems to have more problems then the 8230)

    Thanks everyone!
    01-28-10 06:35 PM
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    As a Curve user, given your choices, I would go with the flip, primarily for the same reasons you stated. It will be useful longer, and the memory will be needed down the road.

    BTW, seeing how much you're around, you could help fill in some of the gaps for the flip users.
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    01-28-10 07:00 PM
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    Ok here it goes. I came from a pearl to a curve now to the tour. For what you want to use it for i would go with the full qwerty curve. Now about the memory. 8330 only has 35mb or ram left after an os 5 install. Thats with no apps. You may want to lean twords the pearl due to the higher memory, and when the os 5 drops for the pearl you will have enough space for apps. Just some advice from my point of veiw. Hope this helps.
    01-28-10 07:12 PM
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    Thanks for the input BK and coolguy. Anyone else with some insight? problems/cool "hidden tricks"/etc? come on, there's gotta be more then 2 ppl willing to help a fellow addict out!
    01-29-10 06:47 AM
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    I had an 8330 for a couple years, and I really liked it. Easy to operate, very nice form factor, certainly a great device. However, I agree with the others that down the road, the extra memory on the 8230 will certainly come in handy. Also, since you've already become acclimated to the SurePress, jumping to the Flip would be a nice, straightforward upgrade.
    I also kind of like the way that the flip looks, it's different, but in a cool way (if you can follow that...) I don't know what the processor speed on the Pearl Flip is, but I would also imagine that it's slightly faster than the 8330, which is always a plus...
    01-29-10 08:15 AM
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    Yeah I kinda like the looks of the flip. that cool "curve" they put in right by the flip really helps the looks.

    As far as the memory goes

    Pearl: 64mb
    Curve: 96mb
    Flip: 128MB

    but actual processor chip I'm not sure of.
    01-29-10 05:52 PM
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    I think I might be changing my mind. It appears that they just released a bunch of new smartphones.

    Cell Phones - Virgin Mobile Canada

    Now I'm thinking I might have to go with the curve2 (8530) but again I'm not in a rush so I've got time to research and decide
    01-29-10 06:38 PM
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    Now that's a nice upgrade memorywise, double that of the flip. If you can do without the flash for the camera, that might be a viable option. Curve screen, Qwerty, onboard media storage, Wi-Fi, and the trackpad. So, that opens up your world quite a bit.

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    01-29-10 07:51 PM
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    the 8530 is definitely better then your previous choices
    01-29-10 08:14 PM
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    Just to let you know, my girlfriend bought a phone at Virgin Canada yesterday (well, not a BB, she got that LG Rumour 2 as she only wants to text), and they are coming with the 9700 very soon. I think you should wait a few days/weeks. Also, with the 9700, you'll get on the brand new Bell/Telus network.

    I used to have an 8230 on the Bell network and I just bought a 9700 a month ago. The 8230 was my first BB (back in June) and I loved it so much that I went with a new one only 6 months later. The 8230 has been a good phone but I had a few issues with the speed of the device. For example, when you start typing a phone number, don't do it fast as you'll miss the first few numbers, you have to wait 1-2 seconds for the phone app before starting to dial. Also, there's no Wifi and it only has a good old 1XEV (I actually think that the BB was slower than the connection... all in all, web browsing was sloooooow). I didn't have any problem with SureType, got used to it pretty fast but having my full Qwerty keyboard is a must now! The battery door wasn't tight at all, it was shaky. The battery life was about a day on the flip, and I'm getting two days on the bold 2 with the same use. The only thing I liked on the flip was the shape of the phone, it's really a nice designed phone but I have to say that I like my 9700 way much more. Even if I sound negative on the flip, it's still a great phone and I liked it.
    01-29-10 08:55 PM
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    I went back at the Virgin Mobile store today in Quebec City, and the 9700 was there : 149$/3yr, 549$/prepaid. At least, since Bell has taken over, they're getting a bunch of new phones.
    01-31-10 11:27 AM
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    Thanks. I won't argue for a second that the 9700 is a better device then the 8530, but really since I am a casual/non-power user I kinda feel it would be overkill for me... I'd feel like I'm buying a Corvette for a grocery-getter. And if I'm totally honest I could survive with the Rumor2 but I do like Blackberry. I'm still considering the flip if I don't like the curve2. Really the thing that will make or break it is the keyboard on the curve2. If I can't use the smaller button's I'll go with the flip.

    While I'm here maybe you can help me with a question. I've posted it elsewhere but have not gotten an answer. whats the deal with their "fee-free" plan switch? Do they extend your contract if you change plans partway through? (ie one year into my contract I change things around on my plan... do they restart my contract for another 3 years at that point like Rogers does?)

    What fees do they charge (other then the expected GST/PST)? PM me if you like, cuz I got questions and Virgin seems too good to be true!
    01-31-10 12:23 PM