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    I have been searching for 3 days and cannot find my specific question (I have found similar questions), so if this IS a dup., please forgive me. My husband & I both have a Curve 8330. I sync mine to Outlook. His laptop is old & only has Outlook Express so I set up a Yahoo Calendar for him on my laptop. My question is: Can I sync his phone to his Yahoo Calendar on my laptop, and sync my phone to my Outlook calendar on my laptop? I've tried twice, and his Yahoo calendar ends up with all my stuff from Outlook on it. I'm thinking Yahoo automatically sync's with Outlook? Can anyone tell me if itís possible to sync both phones to two different calendars on the same computer and if so, would you please include step-by-step instructions? Thanx everyone for any help you can provide
    08-17-09 01:19 PM