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    Hello - For some reason all the recurring events on my wife's Curve 8330 disappeared from the Outlook 2007 calendar. The events were all still on the device. Trying to help, I first updated her old Desktop Manager software to v5.0.1. I did this so I'd get the option to do a one-way sync from the device and overwrite the Outlook calendar. Somehow it took almost everything off the Outlook calendar except for the current month. I tried again and set it to go back 365 days but got the same result.

    The question, of course, is: Why is the one-way sync not working or are there other issues?? Thanks for ANY help.

    BTW - The device calendar is still intact with all events and it is backed up.

    BTW2 - My wife suggested I check the "Replace all data in the target application" box on the first try thinking it would get around conflicts. That's right below where you select the sync direction.
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