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    Here is my issue with my Blackberry calendar. It was taking appointments I had created via a calendar that syncs with my work e-mail (which is obtained via the Microsoft Outlook Web server type thing) and syncing it via google's snyc program to my Gmail calendar. That was working great. I never fully understood how it managed to do it, but it was a nice automatic backup, which was good since for some reason even though I tell the Blackberry to keep my appointments forever eventually they cannot be found on my calendar.
    At some point an additional calendar with the label of "Facebook" came to be. A. I really don't need a Facebook calendar so if you know how to kill it off entirely all the better. but B. Somehow it has become the "default" calendar when I want to enter an appointment on my Blackberry. I will switch the calendar to my other work e-mail based one as it has always been, but now that won't sync up with my gmail calendar anymore. Anyone know how to get the two to talk to one another again? For what it is worth I get my Gmail on my phone via the Gmail app thing, not the blackberry style mailbox (if that makes sense)
    I like the sync to my gmail calendar because I can look up any appointment in the past super quick, so I miss that sync up tremendously, all apparently because of this "Facebook" calendar that I don't even want on there.

    Thanks for any help you can offer!
    06-11-10 02:01 AM