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    OK, this is really strange. I am trying to add calendar events from a website to my PC's Outlook client and view it on my 8330.

    The site is my son's soccer team page. From the team calendar you can click on each game and ADD TO OUTLOOK. When I click on that link, I open the .ics file. Up pops an Outlook Calendar event. I save the event. It shows up in Outlook. 30 seconds later is syncs on my BlackBerry 8330 (though my company's BES).

    This is where it gets strange. I go to the next game and do the same process. I save the event, it shows up in Outlook and 30 seconds later it syncs with my BlackBerry. However, the first event is now gone from my BlackBerry. However, both events are still in Outlook. And to make it worse, both are in my iPhone (which is using ActiveSync Push through Exchange).

    I go even further and go to the 3rd game...do the same thing. Now, the 2nd event deletes from my 8330 so I have only the 3rd game on my 8330, but all 3 are in Outlook and my iPhone.

    Things you need to know. Each calendar event has the same name (sacred.ics). However, I even tried saving each .ics file as different files (sacred1.ics, sacred2.ics, etc.) and then opening and saving in Outlook. But the same thing happens. I even tried modifying each event, but the same things happens. Something is making the previous event disappear but only on my BlackBerry.

    I need some help!

    More Information: We tried this on another user's PC and BlackBerry with the same results...so it is not limited to just my Outlook or just my BlackBerry.

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