1. Bike_Rider's Avatar
    I spilled a little Coke on my 8330, nothing major I didn't think, but...

    On battery pull it will restart, display works fine and it's still receiving emails, but it won't accept any keyboard input. After the initial restart the screen just stays black, except if I hook it to USB, then displays the enter password msg for a few seconds and then black again.

    I would like to do a backup (of course) but can't get past the BB password screen. The PC's Device Manager recognizes it and takes it's password entry.

    Any ideas before I take it out for target practice? I took it apart and washed and dried everything but the main board. I'm rather electronic repair literate, just don't have any SMT tools or know what it could be.

    Any hope? I was going to try a complete wipe and new code load with fingers crossed, but I'm not sure what to do. Maybe it's just not be communicating, I've done code upgrades before.

    I'm less than 2 months from end of contract and new phone. Will customer retention accept begging (I'm with Sprint)? I like my BB but hate the small screen and am looking at the HTC EVO 4G, any thoughts?

    06-26-10 04:24 PM
  2. BiG BaLLA 923's Avatar
    If you are two months away, I know since my friend is high in srint he just always helps out all of us. They will hapily give you a replacement phone but if your looking for a new phone I know you can do it if you get someone nice then they will do it for free early.
    Sprint does apperciate the customer so I'm sure if your signing a new contract they will do it no problem.
    06-26-10 04:50 PM