1. gatorback's Avatar
    I am planning to purchase an 8350i, however, when I purchase it, I would like to test it in front of the seller to ensure that I am not getting a lemon.

    Any guidance regarding a test procedure would be appreciated. This is what I was thinking:

    1) insert my Boost sim chip and try making a phone call.
    2) open the native web browser and go to cnn.com

    I would think that a data test and a voice test would be sufficient, but I am hoping that someone with more experience will tell me I'm wrong and that I need to perform an additional test.
    08-14-09 07:44 PM
  2. cide2life's Avatar
    good steps. i cant think of anything else that might be helpful right this minute, but if i do i will let you know.
    08-14-09 07:48 PM
  3. cide2life's Avatar
    maybe test the push to talk feature?
    08-14-09 07:49 PM
  4. Sith_Apprentice's Avatar
    You can also purchase through paypal to ensure if the device is bad you can file a claim. You can also look for devices still sealed in plastic and new in box. (shameless plug as I am selling two lol). You are limited in your search area to your geographic area if you are going to test the device.

    Go to options > status > and type test and you can run through the device test itself.
    08-14-09 07:50 PM
  5. dberdusco's Avatar
    make a phone call, call *611 boost customer service, make a DC call

    if all goes well then text, pic messaging, internet can be fixed with some service book updates and some third party apps
    08-18-09 01:16 AM