1. drei23's Avatar
    Im just wondering... while im on ubertwitter or in the internet for some reason i cant recieve any calls. Is there any way to fix that or no?
    09-02-09 01:22 PM
  2. xxjabberwockxx's Avatar
    With Boost, you can only do data or voice at a time, not both.

    I found this out when I had two weather programs (I was comparing them) and an IM program set to try to keep the connection alive to 6 different IMs, AND was browsing baseball scores refreshing every 15 minutes.

    Someone called my house phone and told me my cell kept on going to VM and I tried it myself and got my VM. I checked this forum and someone, somewhere mentioned we can only get 1 of the two at a time.

    Since then, I stopped using my IM+ 24/7 and reduced my weather updates to once every hour
    09-02-09 02:44 PM