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    Hi all. I'm running Windows Vista Home Premium 32 bit Service Pack 1 Home Edition, and I can't seem to get my desktop manager to work or install the Blackberry USB driver correctly.

    Searching for new drivers etc logo pops up when I plug in BB. It tries to install the driver through Windows Update however it keeps failing. "The driver can not be installed because it is either not digitally assigned or not signed in the appropriate manner"

    The funny thing is I can still open up my mass storage device through Windows to view my pics etc, but my desktop manager will not work.

    Is there anyway for me install this USB driver? When I check device manager I see my blackberry under other devices with a ! next to it. I've tried updating driver through there, uninstalling, and every tried different versions of DM as well. Any help would be appreciated, thanks
    08-07-09 04:55 PM
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    Bump for help?
    08-07-09 06:57 PM