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    Hi All

    Just had the mob 2 days ago and popped sim in, got wifi, sms/mms and ca n make calls.

    When i contaced O2 they said they would send a txt for email etc but never recieved one, so rang them back and they said i am all ready to go ?

    I went to setup> O2 >get settings then ok/enter.

    i then get a txt stating ' unfortunately we had problems dealing with your request for settings. Contact customer services'

    Rang them again, they told me to goto setup>email settings etc.

    This does not exist ?

    I can goto setup wizard bby pressing blackberry button.

    I then have one option - I want to use a work email account with blackberry server.

    then i get - Has your blackberry enterprise server provided you with enterprise activation password...

    not sure what this means but select 'next'

    I then enter my email address and password from my isp provider, press scroll button and choose 'activate'

    It the displays ' acquiring service connection'

    After 5 mins i get message - activation request failed. A serice connection is unavailable.

    Not hgot a clue what is going on tbh.....

    Also d/loaded some apps via wifi and they do not seem to work ?? They are google moble map, facebook, and Blackberry app world.

    Blckberry appworld when selected states - data service not operational.

    Totally lost !!!!

    Anyone help ????????

    07-15-10 05:52 PM