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    I just recently bought a BB CURVE 8320. It didn't come with the most recent update, so I tried updating it. During the update, my phone locked up, and it seemed as if the phone lost connection with the computer.

    Now, my phone doesn't turn on or anything. The only thing I get is an occasional 2 red blinks.

    When I try to connect my phone back to the computer, the computer doesn't recognize the phone.

    I read on a forum that I was supposed to try it to connect the phone to the computer by going through the loader instead of using the desktop manager. Even then, it doesn't work.

    But for some odd reason, if I take the battery out, the computer can connect to the phone, but it doesn't find any updates or anything.

    I also took the phone to a "Phone Repair Shop" and they failed.

    So if anyone has any advice and can help me, I'de definitely appreciate it. Thank you for reading

    Oh also, the phone isn't a T-Mobile blackberry, it says Vodofone or something like that, if that helps at all thanks again.
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    08-26-09 03:06 PM
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    Do you know what OS it was running and what OS you were trying to update to? Can you complete the udate w/o the battery in?
    08-31-09 01:59 PM