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    Hello, Iv been looking on google for the past hour and cant find anything that has helped yet, so i am wondering if any of you can

    Last night i decided to go onto app world and download a theme.
    Everything was fine but i thought i would delete some themes that i didnt need anymore. After i did that, it told me to reboot so i did.
    Turned its self back on and came up with the home screen but i cant do anything. If i press any buttons, nothing happens. Clock has stopped and basically nothings working.
    Have tried to connect it to desktop manager thing but it doesnt seem to want to connect to it, so i cant delete any applications or back up the data.

    I am really stuck and havnt a clue what to do. What makes it worse is that i tried to ring o2 and because my phone is registerd in my mums name, i couldnt remember the password so they couldnt help me.

    any ideas?!?!?!

    Thanks everyone, sorry for the essay

    btw i have tried the battery out thing and alt delete.
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    07-02-10 04:42 AM
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    Is your Home Screen showing at all? I'd say do a Handheld Wipe if you're able to get to that. OR, if it does recognize your device on DM, do a backup, and do a full wipe..What theme did you download, and which did you end up deleting? Did you delete your stock them? Which phone and carrier do u have??
    07-02-10 05:36 AM