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    i installed that 4.5 update awhile ago so i can get tht vid camera. Recently the phone has been unbelievable slow. Id have to remove the battery, and that deleted all of my bbm contacts. I try to backup and restore it and it says files on a medfia card cant be restored or something. Im really lost and i just want to save my adress book. Can someone help?

    i have the 8310

    when i plugged my blacvkberry into desktop window manager it barely acknowledged my phone was there, and said there was no pin.

    however ijust removed my 4gig data card and now its running correctly almost? it actually says my phone is connected to the computer and it displays my pin and lets me backup and everything. what is going on?
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    03-10-09 08:53 PM
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    Something on the media card is corrupted. Tranfer your files from the card to your pc if you can then format the card in the phone. Then move your files back in small groups and test. If your BB starts acting up, try to narrow down which file is problematic.

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    03-10-09 09:03 PM
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    Note: The files might be ok, it couald also be the card's FAT (File Allocation Table) that's corrupted, but reformating will fix that.

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    03-10-09 09:05 PM
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    its weird cuz i removed the memory card but everythign was still on my blacvkberry
    03-10-09 09:15 PM
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    You should still format the card.

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    03-10-09 10:14 PM