1. ome hobby's Avatar

    I recorded a large video (over 45 minutes or 1.7gb file) on my blackberry curve 8900. It recorded as a .3gp file. The problem is I canít play it on my phone or PC. Iíve tried to shrink it using boilsoft, Iíve tried to convert it using many, many different converter softwares but it doesnít allow me to Ė I think because itís too a large. The closest Iíve come is playing it on realplayer sp and quicktime but no video or audio would display (but movement occurred and showed the file to be 47:03 minutes). Can some genius out there help me play my video please?

    07-02-10 10:08 AM
  2. TXT's Avatar
    A while ago, I had a LG phone for verizon. It recorded in .3gp as well.

    I took a short vid and put it on YouTube as .3gp format and it worked.

    If you are allowed to put such a large on youtube, do it, then go to keepvid dot com and download it as mpeg or something.

    Hopefully that helps. Only Issue I see is file size being uploaded to youtube.
    07-02-10 03:42 PM
  3. rich.x87's Avatar
    try total video converter.. that will convert almost anything...
    its weird that its not playing even on the phone, cause you are supposed to be able to play movies on it.... maybe the data got corrupted or something..
    07-03-10 01:35 AM