1. TiLL's Avatar
    Ive try for a few time to access the BB mobile webpage to download BB maps and other things, my device and/or browser are not compatible for this site like this one hxxp://mobile.blackberry.com/nonblackberry.jsf
    My browser is identify like a BBbrowser, a try by wireless and by g2 internet connection but its the same thing. I already try to update the os, but is the same thing. can someone help me? i would love to access the webpage and download some features.
    08-04-09 07:45 PM
  2. rgunturi's Avatar
    go to the browser, hit the blackberry button, options, browser configuration, change browser to hotspot browser
    08-04-09 08:01 PM
  3. zwood's Avatar
    Set your browser identification to blackberry on the browser configuration page.
    08-04-09 09:15 PM
  4. bigboe101's Avatar
    I use Bolt mobile browser, it is much better than the browser that came with the 8900 curve
    08-04-09 10:47 PM