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    I purchased my first ever Blackberry on Friday, May 21st. I've never owned a smartphone before, and gave in to peer pressure as several friends and co-workers now have Blackberrys.

    I chose the Curve 2 8530, one of only three choices I had at US Cellular (Curve 2, Tour, and Pearl Flip). So far, I can't say that I'm satisfied.

    It may be the fact I've never owned one before, and it's a pain getting used to it, but as far as the device itself goes, here are my complaints:

    1)The "H" button works when it wants to. Sometimes I have to push it two or three times to get it to work.

    2)The dinky plastic battery cover is loose. It slides back and forth while I'm holding the phone in my hand which gets on my nerves and makes it feel very "cheap." Honestly, the whole phone feels "cheap," and the screen looks very fragile.

    3)The keyboard is somewhat difficult for me to use, as the buttons are small. My previous phone, the LG Banter, was the first phone I had owned with a full QWERTY keyboard. Given, to use it I had to hold it with both hands, which wasn't a pain but occasionally caused an issue. The buttons were larger and easier to press.

    4)The Trackpad. Since I've never owned a Blackberry with the old Trackball, I can't really compare it. Most all of my friends own the old 8330 with the Trackball, and only a few of them have complaints about it. One friend even said he loves it and hasn't had a moments problem out of it, and he has a history of being hard on phones! Anyway, I have adjusted the sensitivity of the trackpad, but still sometimes I can't get it to go where I want it to.

    5)The battery life is horrible. I charged it completely when I first got it, and during the first night I had it, it went completely dead, recharged it, and it went completely dead again! And I wasn't using it constantly because I was at work! I know you can buy a larger battery, but you have to get a battery door that will accomodate it, and the battery alone is around $70.

    6)The camera doesn't have a flash. While thats not really a big deal, it would still be nice to have. It makes the 8530 seem less superior to the 8330 it replaced.

    7)Why does the "enter" or message send button have to be right below the backspace/delete key? Since the buttons are so tiny, I am sending half messages because I go to backspace (mostly because the "H" button won't work the first time) and I hit the send button instead.

    8)I turned on the "key tone" so that when I punch the keys it will beep. This, again, is mainly because the "H" won't work, so that way I will know if I hit it and it doesn't beep, then it didn't work. Plus to keep me from accidentally hitting send when I go to backspace to fix the problem. Problem: after the first night, now the key tones won't work! I have double, triple, quadruple checked, and the "key tones" are set to "On," but they will not work.

    9)The wifi is nice, but for me it isn't a deal breaker. I tried using the wifi at home, and it worked at the same or a similar speed as the 3G. I barely get a wifi signal at work, but get 3G, so if I use it at work, I'll be using 3G anyway. What exactly is the benefit of the wifi? If you have a 3G signal, I don't see why you would want to use wifi in the first place. The only reason I can think of is if you didn't have unlimited internet usage and used the wifi to cut down on it.

    Now, there are many features I like about this phone, and I'm slowly learning how to use it. My question is, do I have a dud? Should I take it back and exchange it for another Curve 2, or, should I plunk down some more dough and just get a Tour?

    The guy at US Cellular told me the Tour was going to be re-introduced as the Bold soon, and would also have the track pad and wifi like the Curve 2.

    Option #3: Turn in this hunk of junk and go back to my LG until the Bold is released?

    Option #4: The local US Cellular store has used Blackberrys for sale, including the 8330. I think I saw a price of $150. Buy one of these and try it, that way I won't have to renew my contract?

    Also, I'm curious about cases/skins/belt clips/etc. I am still using the "pouch" I had for my Banter, and my Razr2 before that. It has lasted and lasted, and the Curve2 actually fits in it, barely. If I put even a thin skin on the phone, the pouch won't close. I've seen the otterboxes, are they worth the money?

    I leave these inquiries in the hands of all the experienced and venerable Blackberry users out there to help this Blackberry newbie.

    Thanks in advance!
    05-23-10 09:48 PM
  2. californiablackberry's Avatar
    I would say, just go back to your LG and get the 9650 (CDMA Bold) when it gets released.
    05-23-10 10:09 PM
  3. frmboybuck's Avatar
    If I were you I'd take the 8530 back and get the HTC Touch Pro II. I wish I would have
    05-24-10 09:41 AM
  4. trueblue01gt's Avatar
    i love my uscc curve 2 after a week of use. i miss my pearl but the curve is more capable
    05-24-10 12:14 PM
  5. psychotron's Avatar
    I like my 8530 a lot, but if I were having the same problems that you obviously are I'd probably take option #3 and wait for the 9650. My wife was having some similar problems with battery life and found that she had an app running in the background sucking away the juice. She got rid of it, did a battery pull and recharged it overnight and all is well now. If nothing else you could try a battery exchange. As cases go, I've been through four since I got my Curve about a few weeks ago and by far I've been happiest with the Barely There case and screen protector from case-mate. Hardly any bulk at all.
    05-24-10 01:05 PM
  6. kwkid's Avatar
    I really don't know where to start so I'll begin by pointing out the obvious.

    I believe you may want to try and exchange. I say that because I think you have way to many hardware related issues and I think that once you get used to the Blackberry you will hopefully become addicted as many of us have. I don't know what your carrier's rules are about returns so this may not be an option. While you are at it, check out this link and see if you can familiarize yourself with some of the aspects of the phone:

    BlackBerry Help and How To Video Tutorials | CrackBerry.com

    On a side note, you may have chosen the wrong phone for yourself, it is hard to say since we don't know how you plan on using the phone. While we would love to keep you in the BB family, if it isn't the right phone for you at this time, we are glad you stopped by.

    Considering cases, I'm a huge fam of the OtterBox family and I encourage you to check out their complete series.

    Good Luck and please post back about your decision.
    05-24-10 10:54 PM
  7. motoroid7's Avatar
    I would do like what was suggested and exchange the phone, there is something obviously wrong with it since you are experiencing so many difficulties. I love my 8530 from U.S. Cellular and haven't had really any issues at all. As others have said, this may not be a device for you. If you want something a little bigger, go with the Tour or wait for the Bold 9650.

    I don't believe the flash makes it feel like a downgrade. For myself, I never really have taken pictures where I needed the flash.
    05-25-10 08:25 AM
  8. anon(98566)'s Avatar
    I don't have USC, but I have the 8530 with Sprint. Hardware wise, I have not had any problems. The TPad is a huge improvement over the TBall. The phone is lightweight, and does have a slightly cheap feel. I carry mine in an Otterbox Impact or the Verizon sold shell/holster combo. Both make it feel a lot more solid, and I have no complaints about either.

    Battery life is good on mine. I find that with regular usage at work, getting emails regularly, an hour or so of web use, and even a bit of Pandora use, I still end my day with about 40-50% juice. I keep it in a holster as much as I can and use most of the power saving options (disabled radios not in use, automatic backlight, etc).

    BBOS really does take some getting used to. You've only had it a week, which for most is not quite long enough. I tried a Tour in November of last year and just couldn't quite get used to it. So I returned it, tried Android (HATED IT), went back to WinMo and realized just how stale it is. So I'm back to BB now for the last month and a half. I'm still getting used to it. Slowly but surely. Give it time.

    I'd suggest you give it as much time as you can before you pass your return period. If by that time, you haven't warmed up to BB, return it for something else If you are starting to warm up to it, but are still unhappy with your hardware, return it and get a Bold when they get released.
    05-25-10 10:10 AM
  9. The Cabin Fever Swing's Avatar
    Lets try this again. I just hope BBOS works better than Windows on my laptop (what a piece of crap!) I went to hit enter to send my reply and the ******* thing deleted everything I'd typed for the last 10 minutes. Thanks Windows! You suck!

    I am dead set on a Blackberry, I have no intentions of getting anything else. Unfortunately, USC doesn't have much of a selection to pick from.

    I researched my decision to buy the 8530 before I took the plunge, but apparently I didn't research it enough. I've spent many hours the past several days reading reviews, contacting friends and collegues who have Blackberries, etc. I know three other people besides myself who now own a 8530, and all three have had problems with their 8530s. One is tickled to death with his but it also came with a factory defective touch pad. It's sunk way down into the phone, so he said he'll probably get a new one out of that deal anyway. Another was having all sorts of software glitches, and the third also had some kind of issue that caused him to exchange it for another. It definitely seems to me that RIM took a cheap route on the new Curve.

    I took a poll on my facebook page of everyone I knew who had Blackberries. Half of those polled have a Tour, and only one person didn't like it. Everyone else, except the other three with the 8530, and two with Pearls, had the 8330. Out of everyone polled, only a handful mentioned having any problems with their trackball. Everyone else was tickled to death with them. This was my main hang-up on the Tour. With that said...

    I intend to head back to USC this week and speak to my rep, and see if he has any info on when the Bold "might" be arriving. If it's several months, I will likely go ahead and get a tour. If it's only a month or so, I'll likely just go back to my old LG and wait. I have no problem waiting, I just don't want to wait forever.

    I do have a few concerns about the Bold, however. Even though it's basically an updated and rebadged Tour, I still am hesitant because it will basically be a "new" phone. What about bugs and such, and issues similar to what I've had with the Curve? Also, I'm concerned about price and availability. The Curve has been pretty hard to get in my area, plus I caught it at a good time, on sale for $79.99 plus $70 rebate, making the phone all of $9.99. The Tour has the same rebate, but will be $99.99 AFTER the rebate.

    I don't tend to spend tons of money on phones. Usually when I do, I have issues. The last phone I plunked down a pretty penny for was a Razr2 when they came out, and it was a pain the keister. I was never so happy to see 18 months go by, and I got the LG Banter. Love it! I think thats one of the reasons I've been so critical of the Curve, I had a phone that I loved, but I wanted a Blackberry. So after only a year of use on the LG, I parked it, and kinda miss it.

    As far as using the Blackberry, I'm not some big corporate hot shot, so I only want to use it for my yahoo email, facebook and myspace, and I love the BBM already! I intend to surf the web but probably not a tremendous amount.

    Also, if anyone is interested, prior to taking delivery of the Curve, I bought a desktop charger for it off eBay for $25. If I get rid of it, I won't be needing it! I never even took it out of the box it was shipped in. I'm sure that guy is getting impatient waiting on me to post some feedback! lol

    Thanks for everyone's advice! I'll post again to let you know the latest!
    05-26-10 03:51 AM
  10. The Cabin Fever Swing's Avatar
    By the way, I did resolve a couple issues. I was informed on how to restart the system, and after doing so, the keytones work again. Also, I figured out how to close all unnecessary applications to save battery life. Worked well! While the battery still seems a bit weak, so far I haven't had it go dead on me again. I suppose it will get a bit stronger the more I use it.

    Also, oh all knowing crackberry enthusiasts, as far as charging the phone, is it better to turn it off or just leave it on while its charging?

    Thanks again!
    05-26-10 04:01 AM
  11. trickyx2's Avatar
    Hi there, Fellow USCC 8530 user.

    I got my 8530 off eBay with a broken screen and fixed it myself, but thats a different story. I previously owned an 8330 that started having hardware issues and the trackball would get gunked up with metal shavings from work(the sensors use magnets). I love my 8530 but I'm thinking of making the jump to Android this summer when US Cellular release their first Android phone.

    if you're looking for USCC specific info you can always check out the US Cellular section at Howard Forums. HowardForums: Your Mobile Phone Community & Resource - USCellular.HowardForums.com
    05-26-10 07:03 PM
  12. vin_chenzo's Avatar
    ****, if any of you are considering getting rid of your 8530, let me know. I'm trying to get one, because I'm not a huge fan of the trackball in my 8330. Other than the trackball issue, my 8330 has been a great phone. It's a little beat up, but it still works great.

    (not trying to thread jack, I promise.)
    05-27-10 10:27 AM
  13. The Cabin Fever Swing's Avatar
    Sorry for not getting back on here sooner, it's been a crazy week!

    I went back to US Cellular on May 27th and switched out for a Blackberry Tour 9630. Still no idea when the Bold is coming, so I got the Tour, and I must say...I'm impressed. The Tour is everything for me that the Curve wasn't, or lacked. So far I haven't missed the WiFi or the track pad one bit. The trackball can be a little touchy sometimes, but so far I like it. It's feel is exactly what I was expecting of a Blackberry, it's stylish and sleek. The buttons are so much easier to type on, and they have a high end feel, rather than cheap plastic like the Curve 2. I did notice at first the Tour seems a little slower than the Curve 2 was. There were some software features about the Curve 2 that I liked that the Tour doesn't have, but not enough to annoy me. I might be able to remedy that with an update. Still haven't had time to get the software put on my computer. Also, the battery life is pretty good, I haven't used over half the battery on any given day that I've had it.

    When I went back to return the Curve 2, there was another gentleman directly behind me returning his also due to it overheating while on charge. He'd had it past the 30-day trial period US Cellular offers, so they were doing a warranty exchange.

    I'm glad there are some people that are happy with their Curves, but it definitely seems to be a very minute number. Sorry to say, I think RIM dropped the ball on the Curve 2 trying to make an affordable product. It appears they got just that, a cheap phone. Again, I'm happy there are some who love their Curves, I just wasn't one of them!

    Thanks again to all who helped me! Good luck to all of you with Curves!
    06-06-10 08:19 AM