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    I am having a color problem. My 8530 is only 5 days old, I messed with the color contrast like two days ago but I turned everything back to normal. And every since yesterday my color is like really bright mostly just the photos, I first noticed it on my home screen and then on my facebook app and the words are so bright on facebook app when I hit the menu key, its hard to even see like at all. I am just wondering how to fix it! It went away for one day and then it came back. I dont know if I should get a new phone or if its just a setting.

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    07-13-10 09:25 PM
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    Have you tried changing the backlight brightness (Options > Screen/Keyboard > Backlight Brightness)

    If it's just the font, try changing the font style.

    If none of those worked, try doing a battery pull.
    07-13-10 10:16 PM