02-26-10 11:59 AM
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  1. anon(153966)'s Avatar
    It sure does...
    06-26-07 03:23 AM
  2. anon(153966)'s Avatar
    I say exchange it! My 8800 with a lot of use will give me at least 3 days! My Curve on the other hand, well, that's another story...

    I think i'm experiencing similar issues as others have mentioned about battery issues.

    My 8800 is only a week old and i barely get a days use out of it. I'm not heavy on applications.. actually other than the basic setup I don't have anything else installed at the moment.

    I'm hardly on the phone as well, and I only use bluetooth in the car to connect to my hands free kit.

    I've contacted the guy i bought this from and will get a replacement battery to see if that makes it any better. If not I'll opt for a replacement. If anyone knows of any other solutions, i'll be glad to hear from you.

    Oh.. and this is my first post here.. i'm new to the world of Blackberry
    06-26-07 03:24 AM
  3. freshdrl's Avatar
    I don't know why people charge their bb over night. My never takes more then an hour to fully charge. I think your problem may be that you are in fact "over charging" the battery.

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    06-26-07 03:38 AM
  4. anon(153966)'s Avatar
    I didn't think on these newer device it suffered from battery memory lost! In fact, am almost positive it doesn't...
    06-26-07 03:40 AM
  5. MadferritUk's Avatar
    I didn't think on these newer device it suffered from battery memory lost! In fact, am almost positive it doesn't...
    I would have thought the same.. I thought battery memory loss was a thing of the past.

    My reason for charging at night is simply because its the only time i put it down.. otherwise i'm on the move.

    Update from yesterday.. i forgot to charge it 2 nights ago and in the morning the phone was completely dead. I put it on charge and it took 10 minutes to show the start screen.. i guess it was really knackered.. before it continued charging. Yesterday I got a little longer use than i would have the previous day.

    I'm still going to get it changed.. i had heard a lot about the battery life of the blackberry.
    06-26-07 05:38 AM
  6. Teek's Avatar
    I've had my Curve for one week and I can barely get a days use out of it. I used to get 3 days minimum out of my Pearl & 7130 BB. I tried putting it in standby when not in use but that only helped a little. I even noticed that after a full charge, I didn't use the Curve At all, and when I checked the status it was @ 90% .
    I'm going to return it tommorow, I hope the new one has a better battery life.
    07-01-07 07:47 PM
  7. zornedge's Avatar
    Here's an update from me and my battery...

    I just received a leather pocket holder with a magnet in it - and it works wonders! I used to put my BB into standby, and it would have its battery drained a bit eventually over the day, but with the pouch... I can barely see any battery drain.

    I've used the BB for two days, e-mailing and IM'ing pretty heavily so I guess the battery life has been extended a bit. Either that, or the pocket holder is a miracle healer. :-p It used to be such that I would use the BB for a day, and it would be so drained I have to recharge it. (I still recharge it a day anyway, but that one day I left my charger behind in my girlfriend's house so I was stuck with just the USB charger (and still am) so I tested out the longevity without the cable).

    If you have battery problems, I would suggest either...
    1) Get a pocket holder or belt holster with a magnet
    2) Use your crackberry, and then put it on standby when you're finished with it, and theres a chance your battery life will extend a lot increasing its lifetime.

    If it drains too fast (half a day), it may need to be replaced. I suspect the average lifetime for the Curve battery is 1 to 2 days, with some people its a give or take situation in correlation with the usage of the device.

    p.s. with video playing... drains battery a **** of a lot faster. :-p
    07-02-07 09:54 AM
  8. CodeZero's Avatar
    Another way to get more time out of it is that the Curve's Backlight is defaulted to 100%. Reduce it to say 50%, you will barely notice a difference and it makes quite a difference on battery life. I will say though I have gotten in the habit of charging it almost every night. I can go at least 2 days with the backlight dimmed though.
    07-04-07 07:58 AM
  9. Thunder204's Avatar
    This is my first post. The site is great. A few options that have worked for me. My Rogers dealer did not have any 8300 cases when I purchased the curve so we tried several other BB cases. The 8800 leather case (it came in a rogers box so I don't know the make) worked perfectly although it is not a perfect fit. It goes into standby mode every time. The 8700 case did not work at all.

    I just noticed that my older 8700 battery (sitting in a drawer) and the curve battery look very similar. Has anyone checked to see if the 8700 battery fits the curve and is the same power v and ahm? If so it would be great to have an extra battery to carry around.

    Also, If your like me and drive during work hours or use a car to get to work and back home get a car charger. It works great and I never run out of juice during the day. I hope that these ideas will help.
    07-07-07 07:24 AM
  10. Tiger73549's Avatar
    I use my Curve heavily as an MP3 player and E-Mail Texting Device, but I dont make many phone calls. Usually an hour or less a day. I get 3 full days out of my curve, and I have no holster. Turn the screen brightness down to 30, 40 or 50 from the standard 70 or 100 and the battery life gets much better. Best of all, you will hardly even notice the difference. I took my curve off the charger Tuesday morning at 6am. and between Tuesday and Sunday night, I charged it once. I got Tuesday, Wed, and Thursday out of one charge. Charged Thursday night, then I got Friday, Saturday and Sunday before charging it Sunday night into Monday morning. Even getting the 3 days out of it, I have about 10% left on it when I put it on charge. HOWEVER. If I make more phone calls the battery life is drained ALARMINGLY quickly. The Curve's battery is directly related to talk time. This past week I haven't called much, the battery lasted 3 days. Other times I call a lot and the battery is very dead on day 2, sometimes not even making it 2 days.
    07-16-07 09:33 AM
  11. mls2k3's Avatar
    I got my first blackberry last weekend. Picked up a curve at the local ATT store. I love it. It's worlds better than my old MS Mobile Cingular doorstop. However I have been dismayed by the short battery life. I am charging it every evening. If I do not charge it at bedtime it is almost dead in the morning. So I am barely getting 24 hours out of it and I only talk 20 minutes a day.

    I do not think the phone is bad. The battery could be defective. But I suspect an app is running in the background eating up the battery life. Today I turned off Push Browser to see what happens. I run the Gmail app for my personal mail. l learned to love gmail when using my ms mobile phone. I suspect Gmail is constantly checking and downloading new messages which could be a power hog. Hopefully turning off Push Browser will help. Any ideas?
    09-29-07 10:53 AM
  12. jhillmann's Avatar
    I am a 3 month owner of an 8300. Heavy phone usage but not so much with email or other apps. Bluetooth is always on.

    The first time I had battery problems (less that 2 days usage) a friend of mine told me to disable the vibrate function on most of my alerts and rings. This seemed to help as I was back up to 2-3 days between charges right away.

    Just recently my battery problems have returned for no apparent reason - I have not changed any settings recently. I will try the standby fix and the screen brightness changes and report back.
    12-17-07 12:39 PM
  13. danny595's Avatar
    I was having the same issues so I broke down and purchased an extended seidio battery from the crackberry store. It's supposed to extened the battery life 140%. I just got it in the mail this morning so I will let you guys know how it performs later in the week.
    12-17-07 01:19 PM
  14. sjlariosa's Avatar
    I have the 8300 and I've had to two days. I've been using it for about 60 minutes talk time, tons of IMing, SMS and myspace...It's gone down to 75%, which I thought wasn't normal...but after reading your replies I'll try the standby mode...even though it IS kind of annoying.

    I know this is another topic but does anyone know...
    Everytime I send an email from my gmail on my bb I get a copied message back. The really annoying thing is the sound it makes and the fact that I have to read it for the notification to go away. Anyone got any suggestions???

    04-02-08 06:05 AM
  15. everest29's Avatar
    I get two days easy out of my Curve and I probably use it as much or more than Kryptocanuck. I would say that he definitely has something wrong with his...
    04-02-08 12:20 PM
  16. IrishJK09's Avatar
    I have the 8300 and I've had to two days. I've been using it for about 60 minutes talk time, tons of IMing, SMS and myspace...It's gone down to 75%, which I thought wasn't normal...but after reading your replies I'll try the standby mode...even though it IS kind of annoying.

    I know this is another topic but does anyone know...
    Everytime I send an email from my gmail on my bb I get a copied message back. The really annoying thing is the sound it makes and the fact that I have to read it for the notification to go away. Anyone got any suggestions???

    You can change/remove the sound it makes by going to profiles > advanced, and making the necessary changes. Stopping the duplicate GMail message has a very simple fix as well.

    Log into your BIS page from your PC.
    Find the link that says "filters"
    Create a filter that prevents all mail FROM "youraddress@gmail.com" going into your inbox.

    I don't have all the exact links because I am unable to get into the site at the moment, but you should be able to put 2 and 2 together to get this working. The key is the filter, just make sure the filter is FROM and your address, and you will be duplicate GMail free.

    As for battery life, I never had a problem with my Curve. It wasn't quite as good as my 8703, but it was still one of the best I have ever had; especially when compared to a WM device like I am currently stuck with. After a full day consisting of 1-2 hours of calls, 10-30 text messages, pulling 2 email accounts with 10-20 messages a day, using Viigo all the time, Mobipocket Reader, lots of internet browsing, as little video watching, and playing a ton of Blackjack or Brickbreaker, I would end the day with 40-50% battery left.

    I never used Bluetooth, so that helped, but I never changed my backlight settings either. My backlight was set to automatic and I liked it, so I never messed with it. I did have my phone set to lock upon holstering though, and I bought an official RIM leather case that would turn off my screen and lock the device when I put it in. I am not sure if that is the same as the standby you guys are talking about, but I assume it is. I never left programs needlessly running in the background either. When I was done using something, I actually chose "close" or "exit" from the menu, rather than just hitting the end talk/back button. I also had my phone set to vibrate with every single notification, so I don't know about that being a battery sucker either.

    If you want a comparison. My current device is an At&t Tilt, and it is the definition of battery hog. If I make 1 hour of calls, 30 minutes - 1 hour of internet usage on 3G, 10-30 text messages, and combine that with checking for email once an hour from 1 account (10-20 messages a day), and a very small amount of video watching, I end up with 10-20% battery at the end of the day. Notice I left out using Viigo and Mobipocket, as well as playing games, and I am now checking 1 email account once an hour instead of pulling 2; if I did those same things with this device, my battery would completely dead by 5-6pm, easy. I even have battery saving tweaks installed on this device, and my backlight is set to 40% (meaning I can barely see it in daylight, but I am afraid to turn it up).

    I will take the Curve and it's consistent 1-1.5 days of use over my 1 day of "careful" use any day. Damn I miss my Curve...
    04-02-08 12:32 PM
  17. jhinty's Avatar
    I've been running for 8 hours with heavy usage (lots of web, handfull of messaging, bluetooth on) and a quick check of the battery reads 55 percent,

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    04-02-08 03:17 PM
  18. scottyn3's Avatar
    I thought my battery life was horrible, but after reading this post I think mine is average. From looking at the blackberry specs, about 4 hours of talk/surf time is expected from a single charge.
    I would post the blackberry link, but this is my first post (need 10 posts to post a URL link).

    I am wondering if there are defective battery's or if the retailers are opening the box to check the product out or show it off to potential customers and not charging the battery first.
    06-10-08 04:49 PM
  19. nyrangers17's Avatar
    hey guys, new to blackberry and new to the forums, i just purchased a bb 8330 curve from verizon about two days ago and i noticed tht the battery life is significantly less than any other phone ive ever had. i took into account tht it is a smartphone and runs a lot of apps but i think its kind of ridiculous...i charged my phone over night last night and woke up with a full charge...i took it off the charge and today i used the phone all day from around 11:30 am till 5:30pm when the phone went into low battery mode and shut off its radio signal....this isnt normal right? do you think i have a faulty battery and should go get a new phone?

    any responses from experienced bb users would help, my brother has a bb and so does his gf and they both said they've always gotten at least 24hours of battery out of their curves
    07-05-08 12:06 AM
  20. Disturbed_Angel's Avatar
    I am having a similar problem with my battery life. I have a 8330 with Verizon, and my battery is always dead by the end of the day, if not before. I always charge it all night. Today for example, I unpluged it at about 10:30 am, did less than 100 txt's, maybe 30 min on the phone total, and surfed the web for maybe 30 min, and yet the battery was dead by around 9:30 pm. I have the brightness turned down to 60, I always close out apps, rather than just esc them, and I keep it in the holster that came with it when not in use, which puts it into stand-by mode. Is there some thing else, or do you think my battery might be faulty?
    07-23-08 01:22 AM
  21. Disturbed_Angel's Avatar
    Can anyone offer an answer or explanation to my battery problem?
    07-23-08 04:46 AM
  22. babygiggles699's Avatar
    OK...So my 8320 always acts up and gives me problems. However, as of late it started shut off anytime I would use it. I used to be able to play mp3's and watch videos all day, send texts, surf the internet, make several phone calls and I would always have at least 2 bars at the end of the day. For some reason now a phone calls lasts 5 seconds, I can no longer use my media player and so on and so forth. Initially, when I pulled the battery in/out I would have no life left (empty REd bar) so i thought it was the battery. Then I would pull the battery in/out and it restarts and usually has 3-4 bars. Now I do the same, it still has bars, but it shuts off immediatley after restarting. I tested the phone with my mothers battery and it seems to work. And when I put my battery into my mothers phone it shuts off. I am only able to use it through my portable charger, which is permantly attached to my phone. Can anyone make a suggestion? I'm going to get a new phone, but for now what battery should I get thats around 10 dollars-free shipping???? Is the lithium with a capacity of 900mAH, 3.7V, or another c-s2 good?
    11-27-08 11:20 AM
  23. resabeth's Avatar
    I have the same issue! I got my Curve in February, and the battery life is progressively getting worse. It's to the point where the battery only holds charge for about 6 or 7 hours, with maybe 1/2 hour of talking and sporadic texting throughout the day. I can't get through a work day with my phone, and it sucks. I charge it every night, which I don't have a problem doing. However, I'd like it to last for the day! I've tried everything and none of it works. I'm going to try to see if I can get a new battery. I also had a problem with my tracking ball, which I had replaced. For such an expensive cell phone that's relatively new, it certainly has a lot of problems. But I can't help but love it!
    05-21-09 01:44 PM
  24. yflanagan's Avatar
    My Curve (about 1 year old) also dies unexpectedly on me every afternoon, while showing the battery as 2/3 or more charged.

    I want to replace the battery...can someone recommend or comment on the ones available, and their quality and price?

    Muchas Gracias,

    06-01-09 09:14 PM
  25. yflanagan's Avatar
    ps It's an 8320
    06-01-09 09:15 PM
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