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    T-Moblile just implemented 3G this week in Jacksonville, FL. Since then my 8900 is loading web pages and playing Youtube videos so much bettter. Could this be from 3G users taking the strain off of the Edge network and allowing a better connection for me? Does this make sense or has anyone else experienced this?
    08-12-09 10:26 AM
  2. fatboy97's Avatar
    I guess it's possible... or maybe they fixed something else when they were putting in the 3G network equipment.
    08-12-09 10:39 AM
  3. ArcticSilver5's Avatar
    Likely, they revamped the Edge network while at work on the 3G network (2 birds, 1 stone). The extra bandwidth for the two combined with a possible lack of Tmo 3G users in your area may contribute to maximum Edge speeds. Edge spec calls for a max sustained rate of 400 Kbit/s. You'll slowly see the speed throttle back as Tmo tunes the bandwidth allocation so that they save money and so you won't receive better service than the next state over.

    I'm with AT&T and we saw this just before the iPhone first came out. The increased network bandwidth was supposed to support a modestly increased network, but in the period between when the upgrades were implemented and the iPhone was released the Edge rates were crazy fast. 3G speed by GSM standards, but not the Sprint network, which I believe has recently been upgraded with HGH and horse steroids.

    Here are some speeds I pulled from a commenter on Engadget when AT&T saw this. I won't tell you to trust these numbers, because he could have easily just said any number.

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    08-12-09 10:53 AM