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    Being a bb user only since december, I find that I need to rtfm on most things! Lol... Recently I found a link for a sims game (free) but I needed a dl manager. I used filescout, trial version, on an 8330m. The file didn't work, whether a bad file, me not doing things properly, or the fault of filescout.. Idk. So if someone knows of a free dl manager/file manager, please let me know. 2 things to remember - 1. I'm fairly new, and 2. I do not have a computer atm - my bb does all my online stuff. Thanks . Oh, have an 8530 now.

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    06-14-10 01:15 PM
  2. rcnathan's Avatar
    are you wanting to download just blackberry files? I am not aware of Sims being released for blackberry so that is probably the reason you cannot download it.
    06-14-10 09:12 PM
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    There are several Sims games out for bb, starting with Sims 2 and all the knockoffs going to sims 3. You can purchase them thru bb app world, ea and other places.

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    06-15-10 10:23 AM