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    Hello. I use the default device calendar. I usually forward meetings/appointments to my personal email account (YAHOO accessed via BB BIS). These invitations are sent to my work email/calendar (MS exchange). Company does not support BES.

    I have noticed the following issues and was hoping someone could help point me to a solution usingt he default BB device calendar or even a 3rd party app, etc.

    1. Upon receiving the forwarded invite I want to accept so that it will permanently be added to my calendar after I delete the message. Problem is the meeting acceptance notification goes back to the meeting organizer from my personal email address. I don't want that to happen. Was looking for an equivalent functionality in the BB where you can accept without sending a reply? Or a way to keep it in the caledar after I delete the message, but without "accepting" it. Hope this makes sense.

    2. When looking at the meeting invites in the yahoo calendar, the body of the invite is empty, even though the body of what I forwarded was not. some people don't use the "Location" field as they should and instead post the conf bridge and/or netmeeting int he outlook meeting body. That information seems to be lost when I forward to my yahoo account and stored in calendar. Anyone have any thoughts?

    heopfully someone has some words of wisdom for me.

    05-05-09 12:36 PM