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    Hey Everyone...

    There was another thread about this, but it only had two posts, and my issue is an expansion on that thread anyways, so I am starting a new thread to cover this issue in detail...

    The issue began as Backlight Flickering. Basically, after a bit of use (and rather randomly) I would notice that the Backlight, when at its brightest capacity (in day-light), would start to flicker. (To describe this flicker I would say that it seemed to be trying to dim the blacklight but would go back to it's bright setting very quickly, over and over. If you were not paying close attention you might not even notice this.)

    And, the weird thing about this, is that it does not ALWAYS flicker. It seems to start flickering either randomly or after a bit of use (i.e. scrolling up-down-left-right, going to email/text/IMs, options, etc) In addition, when I would cover the LED with my hand, to cause the backlight to dim (which works just fine), once dimmed this flicker does not happen! So, if I had to place a guess on what was causing this flickering issue, I would say that it is the Backlight Auto-Dim function (but, then again, I could be wrong).

    To troubleshoot this a bit, I grabbed my wife's brand new Red Curve and side-by-side with my brand new Black Curve (8330s) I started doing the same actions on both phones until mine began to flicker (the only difference between them was that mine had 50%-battery, while hers had about 75%-battery). After mine started flickering again, I continued messing with both phones just to give hers time to possibly show signs of this issue, but it did not! Thus, I realized there is, in fact, an issue here.

    After this, I decided to plug my phone in, and see if I got the same flickering while plugged into the wall. I did not! When the phone is connected to the Wall-power-adapter, I noticed absolutely no flickering. Thus, I began to suspect that this was a battery issue! Thus, I decided then to switch the batteries in my wife's and my phone and see what happened (after unplugging mine from the wall)...

    So, after the battery switch (mine now at 75%-battery / hers at roughly 50%-battery) I held the phones side-by-side and started playing with them, doing the same things to both. Surprisingly, NO Flicker on EITHER phone! This has me a bit confused now actually!

    That is when I tried to mess with the Backlight settings on both phones and noticed something interesting. Still, with neither phone having the flickering issue (as i type this), I went into the "Screen/Keyboard" settings and made sure both phones had the same settings (which they did). Then I went to the "Backlight Brightness" setting and clicked on it on both phones. On my wife's phone, when you scroll from 100 down to 10, the Backlight dims accordingly as it should. However, INITIALLY, i did the same thing with mine and nothing happened! Whether i was on 100 or 10, the backlight stayed the same brightness (which was seemingly at 100). Even when i clicked on any other number besides 100, it did not change.

    Due to this, I figured this may have had something to do with the flickering issue I was having before. So i just put my phone down and gave my wife's phone back to her (with my battery still in it) and told her to just keep an eye out for any of these issues. Then, after just 2 minutes, I picked my phone back up and messed with the settings again. And low-and-behold, the "Backlight Brightness" setting works now! (What the heck? is what I was thinking.)

    So these are my issues... At THIS point right now, I don't SEEM to be having the Flicker issue any longer (with my wife's battery in my phone) and all the Backlight settings are working. Also, my wife doesn't seem to have ever had any of these issues (and she now has my battery in her phone).

    I know my topic has asked for "Help," which I was going to say I needed when I first started this thread, but as I was doing things and typing this at the same time, some of these issues have SEEMINGLY resolved themselves (my wife actually told me it's her voodoo magic skills. lol) But anyways, I guess I'd just like to know if anyone else has had issues like this and solved them? And, if anyone has any suggestions or comments about this type of issue.

    All comments will be appreciated! Thanks!
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    Ok, So I noticed that the Backlight seems to have 3 settings...

    BRIGHT - I'm not sure if this is normal (or if it can even be disabled), but the Backlight will actually get BRIGHTER than the highest "Backlight Brightness" of 100 in the settings.

    It is when the screen hits this "BRIGHT" mode (which seems to happen almost randomly in different daytime lighting) that I am unable to then go into the "Screen/Keyboard" settings and change the "Backlight Brightness." Basically, it's like this is "Super Backlight Mode." And, it is when the phone is in this mode that i was noticing the flickering earlier. (Haven't yet noticed again, since changing batteries)

    Does anyone know how to disable the BB from going to this "BRIGHT" mode?

    Normal - This is the seemingly Normal Backlight mode. My phone tends to randomly change from "NORMAL" to "BRIGHT" (and/or vice-versa) randomly in a decently lit room. And, when the phone is in this mode, the "Backlight Brightness" setting works just fine; scrolling from 100 to 10 adjusts the backlight accordingly.

    LOW/DIM - This is the mode that happens only when the "Automatically Dim Backlight" setting is turned on. And when this is the case, i am able to put my hand over the LED and cause the phone to dim the backlight significantly. And, even the "Backligh Brightness" setting can be used when the phone is dimmed. (So, setting the Brightness to 10, while also having it automatically dim itself creates the least amount of backlight light.)

    Anyways... I just thought I would add this comment to my post. As, I have found that all the issues that I have noticed, are ONLY happening when the phone goes into this Really "BRIGHT" mode (which seems to be a setting that the phone goes into all on its own, somewhat randomly).

    Thus, does anyone have any suggestions/advice about this; such as how to turn this off, etc?

    Thanks Again!
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    No one care to comment?
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