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    I'm looking at purchasing a Blackberry phone. I've been thinking about getting either the 8330 or 8530. I enjoy browsing the web and listening to
    mp3 music along with texting, does anyone have any ideas of the pros and cons. Thanks for the input.
    06-07-10 09:57 PM
  2. amazinglygraceless's Avatar
    The 8530 has more app memory(256mb vs 96mb) and also has WiFi. The camera
    however does not have a flash.

    Other than that and the difference in the keys on the keyboard they are basically
    the same device.
    06-07-10 10:07 PM
  3. elvin1983's Avatar
    8530 no question about it.

    Picture the 8530 as the second generation of the 8330. 8530 has 256mb of memory, compared to 96mb on the 8330. 8530 also has a faster processor, as well as OS 5.0 loaded on the device. While both are 3G devices, I'm lead to believe that the 8530 is EVDO Rev. A, while the 8330 is EVDO Rev. O. Short of it is, that Rev. A is a faster data speed than Rev. O. I've read conflicting reports on this, so I'm not going to say that one way is right or not, but I believe it's Rev. A. Regardless, the 8530 is a far better device, and I didn't even mention that it's WiFi capable. Go with the 8530.
    06-07-10 10:11 PM
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    If you can pay a little extra, I would suggest the Bold 9650 ( https://forums.crackberry.com/e?link...token=cqDQgldK )
    - Faster processory (less lag)
    - Better camera (3.2 MP)
    - High-res screen
    - World phone (the 8330/8530 are not)
    - More App memory
    - BlackBerry 6 ready (supposedly)
    06-07-10 10:11 PM
  5. rynbeed's Avatar
    In my limited experience, if your looking for a blackberry that can browse the web well I would look at the 9550/Storm 2. Between the 3 I have owned [8330, 8530, 9550] it was hands down the best when it came to playing video pod casts and using the web browser. Between the SureType and Landscape keyboard one can type fairly well on it to. Every now and then I miss the little guy.

    Where the 8530 [or as suggested 9650] shine is that keyboard and trackpad. Ask anyone what one thing they love about their blackberry and they will struggle between either the psychical keyboard and push notifications. I gave up the 9550 to have they keyboard back. It's so much easier to write out/edit long emails quickly, and select/move around text on it.

    Pop in a 16gb SD card and you can hold all the music you want on any current BB running OS5.0. And the media player gets the job done just fine.

    Best thing you can do is go into the store an play around with each device and see which suits your needs the best. Each [8530 Curve2/9550 Storm 2/9650 Bold] are all running OS 5.0, which means that they will all do the same things. It's decided on which form factor is right for what you want in a phone.

    I don't think that Verizon [or anyone other then Virgin?] sells the 8330 anymore... So if those were your only to choices then go with the 8530 for sure.

    Keep in mind that no matter which you pick you have 30 days to swap it out as well.
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    06-07-10 11:41 PM
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    I have the 8530 after struggling with 4 Tours. I wish I could had waited for the new Bold but I couldn't. But as surprizing as it is, the Curve has been quite the power horse. It does all I want it to do and my music sounds great on it as well.
    It doesn't have a flash on the camera but it takes really good shots. I had to take some pics at work today to show my team things that are displayed wrong and email it to the job cause I won't be there to show them. And the pics came out great.
    Unfortunately it is Rev 0 not Rev A but it still is quick. I don't have the opportunity to use the WIFI that much because I live in a small community and it isn't around here and when I am in the city, I am at work. HA ! But it still is fairly fast. I happen to like the 5.0 OS on the Curve much better than the Tour And I really do like it all around better than the Tour. It wasn't a mistake to get this device.
    06-08-10 12:03 AM
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    While others here have made valid points against the 8330 I stand stronger behind it . This is the workhorse of the BB world .
    All day long I'm either texting about recipes or looking new ones up online & my 8330 handles it very well ( battery life , comfortable fit in hand,alerts,BBM ) . This is my 3rd BB.
    The 8330 does lag behind newer BB's w/ no Wi-Fi & it does have a smaller memory .
    The best thing you can do is shop around til you find one that feels right for you. Most places allow/ have a 30 day return if you decide you picked the wrong BB .
    Let us know what BB won .

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    08-20-10 06:53 AM
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    I have had an 8330 and now currently own an 8530. I loved my 8330 and had it for 3+ years (got it when it first came out) and I can stand behind it this day. Yes less memory and it is a lil older but as you said, you wanted to surf the web and listen to music. The 8330 will suite your needs perfectly for this! The 8530 will too!! This is all depends on what you like. I found the trackBALL to be more accurate when movie throughout the pages.

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    08-20-10 09:46 AM
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    I have the 8530 and I'm highly impressed. The camera shots are great and the phone is very responsive. When utilizing wi-fi, this Blackberry takes it to another level.

    (note: my previous BB was an 8830 WE. Just my two cents).

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    08-20-10 08:14 PM