1. 1911luver's Avatar
    Okay guys I'm getting ready to buy my first Blackberry and I've narrowed down to either the Bold or the Curve 8900. I know the 8900 isn't 3G but is this a really big deal? Don't both the bold and the 8900 have wifi anyways? Does anyone here feel the Bold it to big/chunky? The 8900 seemed to be more compact.

    I've been playing with my wife's Sprint curve 8330 and really like it but being I'm with AT&T and want to stay with them I'm looking at the two mentioned BB's any insight as to which is better would be great thanks.
    07-07-09 10:44 PM
  2. thejgeffect's Avatar
    3G gives you Data/Voice at the same time which is a pretty big deal. I enjoy it. 3G also gives me better service although it may just be specifically my area (NJ,CT,MA). The Bold also boasts a faster processor although Curve fans will tell you theirs is faster... I don't think anyone really knows although on paper Bold is faster. And bottom line for me, the Bold just looks like a classier phone and the Curve is simply too small for my hands to text and type emails on.
    07-07-09 10:52 PM
  3. tomasjdaniel's Avatar
    3G has been gold for me.
    07-08-09 01:06 PM
  4. dragonsamus's Avatar
    Get the 8900 since 3g isn't a factor.

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    07-08-09 01:49 PM
  5. avt123's Avatar
    I will never go back to a 2G device ever again. 3G increases data speeds, has better voice quality, and allows for simultaneous voice and data. The 8900 is very nice, but I love my Bold. The processor on the Bold is faster, and I like the keyboard a lot better.

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    07-08-09 01:53 PM
  6. scorpiodsu's Avatar
    I will never go back to a 2G device ever again. 3G increases data speeds, has better voice quality, and allows for simultaneous voice and data. Posted from my CrackBerry at wapforums.crackberry.com
    Exactly. Get the Bold.
    07-08-09 01:57 PM
  7. bmwmpower's Avatar
    Get the Bold. 3G is irrelevant if your carrier doesn't support it. And even then it's not that great.
    07-08-09 01:59 PM
  8. Tinyk's Avatar
    I have both and float between them regular, I switch to the 8900 most weekends and back to the bold during the week for work.

    I like the 8900 feel and style more, I love having the backup of UMA and the camera is great but sadly when you have a busy life and need to use the phone a lot combined with data, emails and specially using map software that downloads over a live connection it has to be the BOLD with 3g.

    If you could add 3g to my 8900 then it would be perfect for ME but alas it will have to do for weekends.
    07-08-09 02:29 PM
  9. mark-d's Avatar
    Go with the Bold for all the reasons above. It's a better spec'd phone with the exception of the camera.

    I turned the 3G off on mine (among other things) to prolong the battery life last Sunday and the difference in downloading even facebook mobile website page was amazing between 3G and 2G.
    07-08-09 07:38 PM
  10. boomhower1820's Avatar
    No 3G is a no go. The Bold is a no brainer.
    07-08-09 07:57 PM
  11. jerry.b.2's Avatar
    I have both and find myself rarely going back to the 8900. The bold is just so rock solid but I love the camera on the 8900. I would go with the bold if I had to do it all over again.

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    07-08-09 08:08 PM
  12. Californium89's Avatar
    haven't had a chance to get my hands on a bold .. the 8900 is a nice device but i would check the 3g coverage in your area... if its not that great kinda go for a feel on what you like the bold or the 8900 ... the bold can switch between 3g and 2g .... and the 8900 camera spanks the bolds camera hands down no question
    07-09-09 01:23 AM
  13. IceTrace's Avatar
    it's a quite dilemma.. I have both of them... i love the keyboard. size. feelings in my hands on the Bold. but i also love the camera, much more memory, and resolution on the 8900... so.may be you should get Onyx 9020..
    07-09-09 04:00 AM
  14. Xpimp's Avatar
    Based on your post seems like you have your heart set on the 8900?
    07-09-09 04:36 AM
  15. knightc2's Avatar
    I have a similar question that I have not found a definitive answer for. I do not have 3G in my area and will not for at least a year (likely more judging by ATT's past performance) so the lack of 3G on the 8900 is of little concern. My questions is, using 2G (EDGE) which device is faster? I have heard mention that the 8900 has more EDGE channels??? and that it is faster at 2G than the Bold.

    Does anyone have any experience using the Bold and the 8900 exclusively on 2G to compare speeds?
    07-13-09 01:25 PM
  16. JD76#CB's Avatar
    I had the Bold and now I have the 8900... I prefer the 8900 now. Calling thru UMA is great.. My bill is muuuuch lower. The camera with auto focus runs laps around the Bolds... 2G vs 3G is really only a 1-2 second load time difference where I am (Queens, NY)... 3G calls dropped A LOT. 2G is more stable and hardly any dropped calls. I also like the 8900 keyboard better.. I prefer buttons separated with click buttons.

    The only thing I miss about the Bold is its speakers... so loud and bassy. 8900's speaker is smaller and "tinnier" sounding.
    07-13-09 01:29 PM
  17. gnahc79's Avatar
    We just got a 8900 (me) and Bold (wife) yesterday. The wife liked the keyboard better on the Bold. For me it didn't matter and I don't plan on keeping a data plan on both phones, so 8900 for me . The Bold is chunkier/bigger, but by only a little bit.
    07-13-09 02:03 PM
  18. TeritaM's Avatar
    you can't go wrong with either one.

    personally, I prefer the 8900-since I have wifi just about everywhere I go. the 3G on the Bold didn't do much for me, since I don't answer emails/messages while I'm on the phone anyways, and don't really surf the internet from my device.

    the keyboard on the bold is great, no question, but even with my huge man hands I type error free on the 8900. I just like it (the 8900) better. the bold always felt like a brick in my hand and I never really got into the size/look of it. there wasn't enough of a difference in the specs to move me.

    Good luck with whatever device you choose.
    07-13-09 03:05 PM
  19. zhelf's Avatar
    im suprised not many prople have talked about the memory difference. The bold has 128mb and the 8900 has 256mb. this means more apps can be i stalled and have more available memory. the 3g 2g dont matter since all 3g devices work on 2g. i would say the biggest factors are:

    1. the keyboards go play with them both and decide there which is best for you.

    2. the memory if your going to use alot of apps the 8900 will be a better choice. the processor isnt that different and those who think the 8900 is faster is largely due to memory.

    other than these two main factors the phones are very similar excpet persobal preferences as far as fit and finish and overall feel of the device.
    07-15-09 12:58 AM
  20. JD76#CB's Avatar
    Yup..youre right.. on my Bold i'd forever have low memory. I havent had that problem on my 8900 and ive added more programs to it
    07-15-09 01:39 PM
  21. pokey318's Avatar
    I thought I saw somewhere that the Bold had 1GB of internal memory; is that not correct?
    07-15-09 02:19 PM
  22. knightc2's Avatar
    The Bold has 128 MB of memory for apps and the 1 GB is for media storage. Unfortunately you cannot run any apps from this memory.
    07-21-09 10:34 AM
  23. lilmama88's Avatar
    i'd say get the 8900!!!
    08-04-09 05:40 PM
  24. jnelissen's Avatar
    I researched both phones for my uograde from my 8310 that was 2 years old. I did a side by side comparison of each and found that the only true difference was the 3g vs. the 2g. I went with the 8900 because 3g os not important to me and the 8900 is just sleeker and sexier than the Bold. But go and play with both of them and decide what's best for you.

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    08-04-09 05:58 PM