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    My question is>

    If i take a BB 8520 Unlocked with any companies simcard which is prepaid and not even offering Blackberry Internet Services NOR Blackberry Data Plan but Allows Me to Use GPRS Internet Connection from any cellphone AKA Normal Data Plan on prepaid ... So If I combinate these and a BES Hosting Plan together, than in theory I should be able to use all Blackberry Specific Apps * BBM, Browser, BB Email Client, IM, Etc. * all the BIS Specific Apps, without having to have contracted to a blackberry data plan , BIS or whatever from any of the cellular providers which offers Blackberry Plans and contracts??????


    I need to see the solution clearly, I realy want to change to BB but I can not and Im not willing to pay for any cellular provider a huge amount of money and tie my hands with 2y contracts.... Unfortunatelly We in Spain doesnt have option for BB Prepaid like in Italy TIM, or in England Orange , or Mexico Telcel

    06-28-10 11:56 AM
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    It seems I will have to purchase one and TestDrive it on all the settings i can just imagine....
    06-28-10 04:04 PM