1. zen2u's Avatar
    New 8330 curve (1 month old). I know how to go into profiles, calendar, select which sound to play, set profile to normal, make sure it is on tone and not muted etc etc etc.

    I tinkered with something because now i set appointments and no audible notification happens??
    Here is my setting:
    Out of Holster - tone
    Ring-tone - notifier-contentment
    Volume - High
    # of beeps - 3
    Repeat Notification - LED Flashing
    # of vibrations - 1

    The same exact setting for "in holster" as well.

    Since my device is new, it said I didnt need calendar patch. This was working for a couple of weeks then suddenly now it wont. I keep missing appointments!!!! Help

    I miss my Treo755P!.............any advice can be sent to budo101@gmail.com

    10-05-08 06:57 PM
  2. imperfectgame's Avatar
    Does it display the reminder?

    Go to Calendar > Press the Menu button > Options > Choose the email address that's listed there > Make sure "display reminders" is set to Yes
    10-05-08 09:21 PM