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    I've had the curve for about two months now, love the phone, but when getting up this morning I had the same issue I had about a month ago, MY PHONE WONT TURN ON. I had the battery replaced a month ago because it was completely dead, wouldn't charge and the phone wouldn't turn on. Now i am having the same issues, and looks like I am going to need a new battery again. Wondering if anyone else has had the same issues, please let me know and if not give me a good reason why I shouldn't get an IPhone.
    08-15-07 08:50 AM
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    give me a good reason why I shouldn't get an IPhone.
    How about: if you had an iPhone, you'd already be out $86.95 for the first battery replacement (unless, I guess, it was still covered under warranty)
    08-15-07 10:59 AM
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    Hello gr3yg00053,

    When I purchased my BB in February of this year, I had some similar problems. RIM told me not to charge the battery overnight every night and to only do that the first two times. I know this is a controversial topic becauase some will say there is no way you can shorten the life etc. etc . but RIM tech told me to just charge it when it gets down to one bar and then charge it during the day and when it's done unplug it and not to leave it plugged in for hours. Now for me, I did what they said, got a new battery and haven't had the problem since. They do not recommend charging it for hours and hours overnight. I've spoken to several RIM techs and all of them told me the same thing. Now I don't know if the Curve is different as far as the battery issue goes, but I just wanted to share my personal story with you.

    Also, I know of some clients that got the Iphone and were disappointed. Apparently, all the hype wasn't true about the Ipone. There were a lot of problems with the device so they went back to their BlackBerry's.
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    08-15-07 11:26 AM