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    My blackberry has been working fine for a few months, but all of the sudden for some reason beyond me, the phone has been randomly rebooting itself. Its a huge problem for me because it sometimes does it when my alarm is supposed to ring, making me late for class. I'm thinking its a memory issue.

    When: Whenever I'm just sitting near it, I'll just see it reset itself.
    Note: I do have QuickPull installed, and its not scheduled to reset.

    Also, I cannot send or receive any MMS. Every time I try, it would immediately say "Failed to send message." I have no idea whats going on, but it used to work before flawlessly and I'm positive of that.

    If you guys have any idea whats going on or any suggestions for me to try, let me know. So far all I've done is do a few battery pulls, and take the SIM card out.
    09-02-09 05:59 PM
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    What OS are you running???

    Either reload your OS, or upgrade to the latest Official OS... you can look at the upgrade/downgrade procedures link in my signature... also there is the Blackberry 101 lesson on the upgrading your OS... you can get to the Blackberry 101 lesson's page either in my signature or under "Blackberry Help" at the top of every forum page.

    Always remember to use DM and make a current backup of your device before starting one of these procedures... but read up on it first.
    09-02-09 06:07 PM
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    Currently running .231 OS. I have backups from a bit earlier, but i'm not entirely sure if those were "working." In other words, I dont wanna reload an older backup just to see that it's still having the same problem.
    09-02-09 06:18 PM
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    hold down alt ....then pres lg lg...... then left click and select clear your event log.....resend a picture message to yourself......231 is the newest official OS.....any new apps lately.....dropped the phone or gotten it wet?
    09-02-09 06:26 PM
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    Phone has been in perfect condition, staying dry, haven't dropped it.
    List of applications: Amazon, QuickPull, Facebook, Myspace, Time, Googlemaps, AIM, CaptureIT, Blackberry app world, Peek-a-boo, Weather, and a game called Blocked Traffic Free. And basically everything else that comes on the phone, some apps that i dont use end up getting deleted.

    I'll try clearing my event log.

    +Update: after clearing event log, still does the same nonsense.
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    09-02-09 06:36 PM
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    Backups are personal data, not OS... if you backup your personal data right now it's better then older backup files.

    Remove all OS versions on you PC... then download .231 from T-Mobile Blackberry OS site... install that again - fresh... then follow the procedures... personally, if you are going to do this the easiest way is to use the App Loader.exe.

    You can also download CrackMem and select the OS and click the Wipe button... this is a great way to get a fresh load of your OS... it just does not perform any backups... you need to do that with DM first, then load the backup file after the process is done.
    09-02-09 06:38 PM
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    thats about all you got left.....Wipe and reload
    09-02-09 06:44 PM
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    09-02-09 06:58 PM