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    OK, I had my mom send me an .xls, I assumed I would just be able to read it on my phone, and I can't see it in the e-mail via my phone, but I can see it in my G-Mail. I see that I have to get Attachement Viewer via BBSoftware on my computer. But if I go Options>Applications>Core> BB 5.0.0 Core Applications, I scroll down and in installed modules is"net_rim_bb_attachment". Is this the same thing, or not? Because the computer I have access to is shared, and we both have BB's and the software is not loaded. The owner does not like new things installed. Is there a way around this, short of installing getting what I need, and then un-installing? Thanks.
    08-23-10 08:36 AM
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    I guess it isn't just an App that I can get from BB App World then, and there isn't an easier way to go about this?
    08-23-10 01:55 PM
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    There is a program called Documents to go. Go to the website and email yourself the OTA link. Then install it and there is a free version to read Word,Excel and PowerPoint.

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    08-23-10 02:10 PM
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    Thanks! I have them already, I am assuming delete the ones I have? And then re-install the ones from the site? Thanks!

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    08-24-10 07:21 PM