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    For a few days I've been trying to upgrade my 8520 to OS 5.0 but I always have the same problem...
    I download my new OS (carrier Base, Belgium) from the blackberry site and install it on my PC (Windows 7 32 bit).
    When I installed the new OS, I control my files under program files - common files - RIM - shared - application folder - and there is the folder of my OS 5.0, this is the only folder there.
    I also got the latest version of my blackberry DM installed.
    After I back up my device I open AppLoader with admin rights, when I follow the steps in AppLoader and I select my device I come in the window with all Apps for my device.
    There should be the new OS (correct?) but it isn't there, all I see are the apps installed on my device, like Ubertwitter, facebook,...
    So I can not modify anything?? What can I do? Please help cause I really want the new OS...

    I do not have a Bis or Bes data plan, but got a limited amount of data I can use to down/upload.

    Thanks in advance! I would really appreciate some replies! Thanks!


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    10-11-10 03:39 PM
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    Are you using DM To install the OS?

    If you want to use apploader, please follow these instructions:

    10-11-10 03:46 PM
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    I followed that guide. But when I get to the part where the new OS should show in my Apploader it doesn't, only my installed apps are in that list.

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    10-11-10 03:58 PM
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    Are you using Windows 7?
    10-11-10 08:49 PM
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    Yes I'm using windows 7 and yes I got explicit administration rights on all my folders in program files.

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    10-12-10 04:38 AM