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    Hello. I have a Curve 8520. As we know, the storage spce for multimedia is 32MB. The storage for Apps is 256MB... I think.

    Well, I always have like 85MB unused because I don't install a ton of apps, just crunchSMS, Ascendo Money, PDF To Go, Jewel Rumble 2, BBNotepad and BBFileScout.

    My question is: Is there any way to modify the system to unify both storage sections?

    And why do you want to do such thing? You could just use a microSD.

    Because this phone just can't use microSDs, no matter what OS version I load to the phone, it screws up the filesystem, I can only use it for like 12 seconds, then it corrupts. And the microSD is okay, I use it in my other 8520.
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    No way to merge them that I'm aware of.
    01-10-20 01:18 PM

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