1. chrisf243's Avatar
    any body hear or know anybody that works for nextel or sprint about starting to introduce more blackberry models like the new curve models with nextel or anything like that
    08-15-09 01:30 AM
  2. pbinnyc's Avatar
    I know there's a red 8350i coming out, but I thinks its otherwise identical to the current model. (i don't work for nextel)
    08-15-09 08:10 PM
  3. justlovejoy's Avatar
    Not for a while! If it were being thought about with sprint we'll have to wait for the season to roll back around to nextel again. Sprint supports boost, virgin mobile and nextel. We just came out of the boost new release and the palm pre new release. Let's see what happens for virgin mobile and another sprint phone before we expect another nextel blackberry to be drawn up. Sprint won't push the issue until at least the 8350i has been out for longer than a year! It hasn't been a full nine months yet!

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    08-15-09 09:51 PM