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    So here's the deal. I recently upgraded from a 8130 to a 8330. On my old pearl I did the 4.5 upgrade and everything went smooth, had html email. When I upgraded to .77 on my curve once again everything went smooth with the exception of having working html email. I've tried about everything I can find to fix it but nothing is working so far. I've sent the service books at least 20 times and did the host routing just as many times too. I have also made sure that the html email is enabled in the email settings. So far nothing is getting it to work. Anybody out there have any suggestions?

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    10-16-08 09:34 AM
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    delete your service books and recreate them. if that doesn't work, delete all of your emails, delete your service books, reset your phone (battery pull or double soft-reset), and recreate your email accounts.
    10-16-08 01:07 PM
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    Thanks. That did it. I deleted the service books and resent them, got me some html email again!

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    10-16-08 02:57 PM