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    Ok guys and gals. I still have not been able to conquer this OTA to download apps OTA only. I had someone tell me to download a certain file for Firefox and then download ScanLife on my BB. My BB apps does not even inclued ScanLife in the memory bank. I've also had other folks ask me what I'm trying to download like what app am I trying to get. It's very nice and considerate of you guys, but I just want to know HOW to do it. For example, I notice a theme I like and I click on it and it opens the page and says OTA only. That's where I'm stuck. I don't know what to do or go from there. Can you see my problem? Please make it very simple and step by step and I would be forever beholding to ya. Once again, thanks for your patience.
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    05-16-10 11:00 PM
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    OK. First of all you have to DL themes and apps made for your specific operating system. Options>About>under your device description, it will say v for example. Mine is a 5.0 OS. Then when you find a theme compatible for your device, click on "download" here or whatever it says. That will usually take you to the download screen for that theme. Click on download again. You will see a status loading bar appear, and when its done, it will say theme sucessfully downloaded. Then, go to options>themes>and it will be in your theme list. Simply click on it and wait a few seconds and it change to the new theme. If, after you DL, you get a message that says XYZ application requests permission-click yes. Sometimes a new app or theme requires you to re-boot your device before running it. good luck.
    05-16-10 11:27 PM
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    Thanks Pilbury, but I've a good handle on apps that either let me download to my computer or directly to my phone. What I need is the directions that allow me to download OTA when it won't let me download it directly to my phone or otherwise.
    05-16-10 11:38 PM
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    OTA is Over The Air directly to your phone. The directions I gave you were for DL themes and apps OTA. You seem a little confused-LOL.
    05-16-10 11:48 PM
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    Yey! Yippee! Yahoo! I finally figured out how to download apps OTA and I thank Pilsbury so much. Thank you, thank you, thank you, and thanks to all who had words of wisdom. I feel like I can do anything now....You have all been a god send....Papa
    05-21-10 11:59 PM