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    Please help!!!!

    In Outlook 2007, I create a New Appointment. I check All Day Event. It shows that it runs from 12a to 12p. I save that appointment.

    Now if I use Blackberry Desktop Manager, and I Synch the Calendar to the Blackberry 8330 directly via a cord (hardwired), it works fine.

    If i send the appointment wirelessly, i.e. as an Invitee, it does not work fine. It changes the appointment time to 8pm the day before to 8pm that day of appt.

    I have checked and the Computer, the outlook, and the blackberry are all set to the same time zone. They all have adjust for day light savings checked. So they are all set the same way.

    WHY do the appointments work fine when I use a cord but not when I do it wirelessly?

    Please help!
    Thank you!
    08-16-09 11:00 PM
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    bumping b/c i am paraylzed by this problem
    not using calendar b/c not trusting it but need to use it!
    08-17-09 02:45 PM